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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

September Merchandising

Tree of Many Colors by slightclutter

Before we know it, September will be here, and autumn quickly comes after that.  I've just finished reading etsy's blog from the  merchandising desk, featuring September's Harvest, and I have learned so much and gotten so many great ideas! 

A few merchandising topics that etsy is focusing on for September are autumn, the harvest, Halloween, and holiday preparation.  Specific catagories include celebrations and traditions, back-to-school, fall fashion, harvest, halloween, weddings and celebrations, and seller holiday prepping.

In the celebrations and traditions catagory, etsy will have specific focuses on Labor Day (September 6), U.S.Tennis Open (August 30-September 12), Oktoberfest (September 18), weekend cookouts, festivals, German traditions, and more!

Back-to-School!  Etsy will be concentrating on off to college, starting a new job, first apartment, decor updates, office and organizational supplies... not necessarily school per se, but more things that signify and new beginning.

Wild apples and autumn leaves by PhotograBee
The harvest catagory includes industrial farm accents, orchard and vineyard references, fall fruits and veggies, woodland, natural colors, rich fabrics, and the hearth.

Don't forget Halloween!  Find unusual custom costumes, ready made accessories, decor, creative carriers, and more.

Personalized Flower Girl Basket
Another September focus in merchandising is Weddings and Celebrations.  Look for unconventional approaches, such as this beautiful flower girl basket by braggingbags.  This basket even comes with the leaves, perfect for tossing down the aisle during an autumn wedding!  And remember that Spring and Summer brides are planning now!

Color trends for the September 2010 include turquoise, richer earthtones, mustards, cranberry, deep berries and wine, muted greens, gray, and camel solids.

Click this link to read etsy's full September merchandising blog!


  1. Great information as we gear up to head into autumn! Thanks for including my photo in your post!

  2. Thanks for posting this, it's very useful!

  3. Love your photo, Slight Clutter! I'm happy to include it. It fit perfectly with my theme!