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Monday, August 23, 2010

Digital Scavenger Hunt- Summer 2010

I'm participating in a digital scavenger hunt sponsored by Pink Dandy and I'm ready to go live with my finds!  My girls and I had a great time completing the list, and you'll see that we were able to find most of our items at our favorite parks!  First item on the scavenger hunt list, Love.  Love was easy... I took this photo of my girls on the birthday of my youngest.  I love them, they love me, and they really, really, love each other!
Next word on the list, crime.  This one not so easy, and not able to fulfill at the park.  Since we were trying to complete our list at the parks we played at, I thought maybe I could find some litter... I'm happy to say we didn't.   I did, however, see these nice police officers outside of the next building yesterday... and I don't think they were visiting.
Man, has it been a hot summer!  Heat was the next word we were scavenging for.   This digital reading in the van was actually lower than we've been seeing most days... I wish I had photographed it when it said 102!  Got this photo on the way to the park, of course!
I wanted to be sure I knew, really, what organic means, so I swung on over to Wikipedia's definition of organic.  Their definition for organic is: matter that has come from a once-living organism, is capable of decay or the product of decay, or is composed of organic compound.  The next day the girls and I explored Old Salem, a living history museum.  In the Single Brothers' Garden, there was a peach tree, with fallen, decaying peaches scattered below, and busy bees nibbling away.  This was quite a sight!  As you can see, there were no less than twenty bees on this one peach.  I named this photo Organic Peach Feast.
Nature is next.  There is almost nothing more perfect in nature than a butterfly.  We have found the perfect butterfly bush with many willing models!
The tree sits at the side of the walking trails in our park... it sits broken.  I wonder what happened.  Could it have been hit by lightning years ago?  Now, it's trunk hollowing out and decaying, it's broken edges smoothing as the time passes.  I expect that at one time this was a very grand tree. 
Our town has really great parks!  There is awesome playground equipment at nearly all of them, and this one has bright and colorful blues and oranges! 
This photograph cannot even express how tall the tree really is!  I set my camera in panarama mode and it filled two full shots.  This tree seemed to stretch clear up to the sky!  If you look closely, you can see where the other trees end, and this one keeps going.

We had a blast participating in this scavenger hunt!  Please check out the other bloggers participating!
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All the best, Jessica


  1. wow, you did such a fantastic job! I love how you added stories to your pictures. My husband and I love the organic picture you took. Thanks so much for participating!

  2. Wonderful job! I love your photos! You did great capturing all the scavenger hunt items. I should have mine up by the end of the week. Looking forward to seeing everyone's work. :-)

  3. Thanks! We really had a great time doing it, and can't wait to see everyone else's!