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Sunday, April 22, 2012

New Design by soulenergy >> 18ga galvanized wire wrapped pendant necklace NEW!

First peek at my new pendant, a one-of-a-kind hand wrapped steel pendant, hip and artsy.
  A fun necklace with swirls and steel, a perfect way to show your individuality.  
Made with 18ga galavanized steel and glass beads. 

Click on the photo to purchase at

I love how this came together.
 It reminds me of the curves of a french horn.

Speaking of french horns, I played mine yesterday for the first time in a great many years.  It was an instrument I played for a long time, but has been sitting dormant for far too long.  Perhaps I was inspired by the flow of the music I made when I brought my instrument of the closet. 

This is a pendant that cannot be duplicated. 

I've got a couple more pendants to introduce... check back soon!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Welcoming Front Door? Or Way Off Base?

Sherwin-Williams has a very cool color visualizer!  You can upload your own photo, and try on different paint colors right away.  As you saw in the previous article, I'm thinking about the front door.  No, I don't think these are the "perfect" colors (although there is potential).

Now.  Mint Green.  Gotta Go.

I likey.  I like the door color and the surround.  Not so much the interior trim I selected.  I see possibilities here.

Oh yes, I really like this too.  Very different.  But just about right.  And my older daughter would very much like this pink front door!
The man of the house may have just over ruled the pink door.  We may agree on this.  Or maybe not. 

On the right track?  Or completely off base?  What do you think?

Help Me Decorate!

We moved into our first home a little over a month ago, and I'd like your help making it my own!  I am a little "design challenged" and hope that you can give me some ideas and encouragement.

Our house was built in 1977, and is very yellow.  The outside is yellow (except for the trim and shutters, which is a horrid florescent mint green.)

Let's start with the front door.

Color suggestions?  The yellow is fine, but the green has got to go.  Green is my "favorite color", but this shade, is... just not right.  I'd really like to go with a blue, much like the bottom left blue in this color swatch from Wikipedia.

Maybe a white with blue trim?  I'm open to ideas?  Remember, the rest of the house will be yellow!  
And maybe some glass etching or stained glass on the little windows?

It's a good thing I like yellow, 
because the whole house is yellow.  

Inside and out, our house is very bright.  Cheerful, happy, sunshine yellow.  Upstairs, downstairs (brighter, much brighter downstairs).  Some of it will stay, some of it will go. 

Other than the front door, this stairwell will be the first area that needs to be changed.  

I pass through this stairwell (seemingly) hundreds of times a day.   Every time I ascend the stairs, I think about this space, and how I'd like to design and decorate it. 

I like the triangular aspect to it, and would like to accentuate it in some way.  Definitely have a contrasting border there at the floorboard and additional trim.  

This is the "bigger picture" around the stairway. I'm very open to suggestions for this space, too. The family room is to the left, with more rooms and the entryway to the right. Ideas?

The yellow downstairs will probably stay.  The trim... maybe not.  I'd like to find a way to keep the yellow as an exciting accent that doesn't scream, "Hi, I'm a bright yellow room!"

The next part of the house we'll work on will be the entryway you see to the right... stay tuned, and be sure to follow the progress here and on Facebook.

Live it, Love it, Learn it!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

First Friday Indie Market -- June Application

Time to sell!  Join the First Friday Indie Market with your handmade and vintage items!  Vending spaces available, you can view the application here.  Hurry, application and payment must be received  no later than April 22.