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Saturday, August 28, 2010

So who is Jason Calacanis, anyway? Link-Bait and Headlines

Exerpt from The Daily Feed #12 on Feedjit
At the end of yesterday's post, , I left a teaser about Jason Calacanis.  Who is he, anyway?  Jason Calacanis was born in Brooklyn and is the CEO of   The beginnings of his career include Silicon Alley during the dot-com boom, where he was former Editor of Silicon Alley Reporter, he was GM of Netscape  and he was co-founder of Weblogs. Inc.  Jason always keeps his trusty bulldog Toro by his side and  he must also be a Knicks fan, because he sounded excited about them signing Patrick Ewing Jr. to a free-agent deal on twitter.

So you can see why his attention could bring your blog or  website traffic.  His is a respected name in the internet world, and if he links to you it could bring a ton of people to your website just by association. 

The reason I wrote about him is because I had just received the Daily Feed  from Feedjit, and Daily Feed Issue #12 talks about link bait, and how to make it work for your blog.  This issue links to New Calacanis Link Baiting Rules, of which he is the author.  His article explains link bait step-by-step, and I'll let you know Monday if they worked.  Jason, if you're here, will you leave a comment, please?  (By the way, that view from 100 Wilshire is amazing!  The water and the sky seem to go on forever!)

(Did you do the 5 things I recommended in yesterday's post?)

Now onto headlines.  That's the topic of Daily Feed #14.  Feedjit's blog explains that creative headlines inspire people to want to link to you, which then creates a pyramid of traffic.  They explain that people love lists, so anytime you have a headline that includes a promise of a list, people automatically click on it.  Okay, I know it sounds weird, but Feedjit claims this is scientifically proven.  Just read their blog for the explanation.  That's why I titled yesterdays blog 5 Things To Do TODAY That Will Bring You Success.  I then posted the title in the Business Topics forum at Etsy with the 5 steps, and invited readers to my blog to read more.  The views on my blog are up 3330% right now, and my Etsy shop is up 125.31% .  So, I think that headline helped a little.

Be sure to check out my latest treasury, featuring Piedmont Triad NC etsians!  You'll find links to the treasury on the right hand side of your screen.

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Oh, and Jason?  Yesterday was National Dog Day.  I made a  treasury on Etsy in celebration of that, too.  And I'll bet you find something great for Toro there.

And if it's not too much trouble, could you leave a comment on the treasury, too?

All the best, everyone!  Have a great weekend!


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