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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Red... and purple, yummy enough to eat!

Pearls are pretty!   And while the strand of classic white pearls is nice, it's much more fun to wear jewelry that is unique and brings out your personality.  Jewelry that gives your Soul Energy... Jewelry That Makes You Feel Beautiful, From the Outside, In ™. 

I adore glass pearls.  They come in lots of colors, and allow me to make beautiful jewelry that is durable and affordable.  While I have created bracelets that are single color wraps, I love adding some╰☆pow☆╮
to pearls by adding complementing colors.

These bracelets have just been added to today.  The red is fun and bright, and the purple is just downright yummy!

All three bracelets are triple wrap, and can be found in this section of my shop!

participating in a blog party at everything etsy!

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