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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Yay, Scavenger Hunt Sunday!

Every week I check the list for Scavenger Sunday, with full intention of participating.  This week, I was able to complete it without even trying!  Enjoy!

Capture the sky

You can see this photo SOOC here.


Younger Daughter always wants to "see the picture" and usually moves while the photo is being taken.  I have so many blurry pictures of her!  (Older Daughter's not feeling well, thus the serious look in the back.)

Take a moment to hop through the other participants of Scavenger Hunt Sunday.  It's always fun to see the different ideas people get with the word prompts for the hunt. 

Galvanized Steel Wire Assures Unique Handmade Jewelry

The fun thing about working with wire is that despite the fact that you're working with a plan, you have to be ready to change at any moment. 18 gauge galvanized steel is hard, and if you bend or loop it the wrong way, you have to either change your plan or start over. I love that every piece I create is different, unique, one-of-a-kind... handmade. I couldn't duplicate any of my pieces if I wanted to. Your piece was truly meant for you.
For Kim
For Allison, requested by her mother, Ashley.
For Chloe, requested by her mother, Keatley.

One of my first attempts at embellishing my pendant with a necklace.  Modeled and handmade by me, I call this necklace "Lost in the Clouds".
I made this pendant for my friend Pam.  I was thrilled to see her wearing it at her daughter's ninth birthday party!  I love how she wore it with the beaded necklaces.  Fabulous!
Another pendant, colorful with lots of movement
This one is for Ashley, Allison's Mom.  Ashley requested two pendants, one with Alli, the other with Ash.  She also requested the pink stardust heart bead. Once I've added the heart bead and the final loop, the pendant will be complete.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Project 365: Week 8, February 19-25

Some weeks, I can barely eke out a photo a day... some weeks, I have so many I can't decide which ones to leave out!  This was one of those weeks!

Day 51: February 19
Saturday was in the sixties, sunny, with a calm breeze.  Perfect for airing out the house and putting some sheets and blankets out on the line in back!

Day 52: February 20
Despite the cloud cover, it was another beautiful day!  We went to the park and enjoyed the playground and rock structures!  And doesn't this angle make my six year old look about six feet tall?!

Day 53: February 21
This was our view at the school bus stop in the morning.  Wispy clouds surrounding the beautiful waning moon.

Day 54: February 22
We got a new laptop today!  Two, actually.  This is Sammy.  We adopted him and his sister Molly, nine month old Calico Mix kittens.  And I'm discovering it is not easy to type on the "real" laptop with furry laptop also in my lap!

Day 55: February 23
Another bus stop view, this one in the afternoon.  You can see the original photo and more here

Day 56: February 24
My girls are totally into Justin Bieber.  Baby, baby, baby please.  I guess there are worse things they could "love", but the older is seriously obsessed.  Here they are singing and dancing along to Justin on youtube.

Day 57: February 25
We had very heavy downpours this morning.  Afternoon brought huge billowy clouds, the sun trying to fight it's way through.  The wind was also very strong and pushed the thick clouds quickly by.  All of these were taken standing in the same spot one after the other.

Have a great week!  I can't believe we'll be into March by next week's post.  As much as I'm ready for Spring and Summer, time can slow down just. a. bit.  And y'all, I'm starting a new job on Monday, so keep me in your thoughts.  This is a big move for me and I'm a little nervous.  It's going to push me a little out of my comfort zone... but I think it'll be a good thing.
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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Live Every Moment and Foto Friday

Live Every Moment

Household6Diva FotoFridayIs there anything better than a day at the park with your kids?  Even if all you’re doing while the kiddies play is enjoying the sun or reading a book, the laughter and happiness permeates your being.   I love the photo above, the three girls holding hands as they slide down together. 
The theme for this week’s Live Every Moment Challenge is “blue”.

Skywatch Friday

Sunday, Feb 20 afternoon.  Overcast, the sun is peeking out.  SOOC
Monday, February 21 7:15am.  Picasa "I'm feeling lucky"

Same time, same place.  At the bus stop, wispy clouds surround the moon. SOOC
Go here to see this photo SOOC

Link Here to See More!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Touch Up Tuesday

I pass this church a hundred times a week (a day, it seems like).

Once, I thought I would do a thirty day project on this steeple alone.  I still might do that.
It seems to be an ever changing proclamation of God and Creation, 
with it's backdrop of white or gray clouds, or no clouds at all.
Moon light, sun light, rain or shine.  
Something about this steeple, it's point reaching high towards the Heavens.
Really does something for me.

On the left, SOOC.  I removed that little brick jutting out to the right of the steeple, and did a cross process, at about 50%.   After I did that, I decided to add a little more cross process effect, and faded this one about 25%.  I love the effect of cross process!  (Picnik is my photo editor of choice.)

Looking at the final picture, I wish Picnik's cross process effect had an "erase" feature.  I think I'd like this photo more if the steeple was it's original white color.

Here are some more photos I've take of this steeple over the last few months.

Touch Up Tuesday's at the Paper Mama

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Treasury Tuesday!

Saturday was sunny, warm (for winter) and breezy... the perfect day!  The complex we live in has clothes lines out back that don't get much use, but I couldn't pass up this opportunity to line dry a couple of blankets and sheets.  There's just nothing quite like the fresh smell of line-dried sheets!



And now onto the awesomeness of Treasury Tuesday! Thank you to MyOwnScenicRoute, WiseSewcialTies, lovisetto, FabricFascination, bearsbeads, and sheshepdx for curating these beautiful treasuries.  Thank you for including me! 

Now take a minute to do some window shopping (or impulse buying)!  ;)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Project 365: Weeks 6 and 7, February 5-February 18

Two-for-one this week!  Due to "technical difficulties", I was unable to post my photos last week, so this is two weeks worth of photos.  Hope it's interesting enough to keep you around for fourteen photos!  ;)

Day 37: February 5
This is really a totally awesome science fair project, and if you have younger school kids it's really fun to do.  Just leave an egg in vinegar... the acid eats away the calcium shell, leaving just the rubbery membrane, and it becomes a "naked egg"!  See?  You can see the yolk right through it!

Day 38: February 6
Super Bowl Sunday-- the only photo I took after we finally finished the science experiment, and I had to rush to work for our biggest day of the year.  BTW, the whole family had a really fun time with this experiment, and if you have kids, you should try it with them!

Day 39: February 7
Sometimes I just gotta show all that I've got.

Day 40: February 8
Okay, there's story behind this card.  If you're interested, or if you're the one who sent it to me... please read here.

Day 41: February 9
The sky was just covered in ripple-y (is that a word?) clouds! 

Day 42: February 10
Guess where we dined out?

Day 43: February 11
Love this!  The hawks were circling... I got several great shots!  If you want to see more, check out this post!

Day 44: February 12
These doves seem to be in deep conversation

Day 45: February 13
Yay, we celebrated my youngest niece's First Birthday!  You can see that with four children and seven grandchildren, my Mom is getting to be quite the pro at making the best birthday cakes!  It was a barnyard theme, and it was complete with a petting zoo!  My niece is on the left with her own "personal" birthday cake-- I love how the frosting is just squirting through her fingers like play-doh.  And of course, she ended up wearing just her birthday suit after that!  You can see that My Girls had a fantastic time, too!

Day 46: February 14
Happy Valentine's Day!  Smooch!

Day 47: February 15
The only photo I took today.  I made this pendant for my friend's daughter Allison.

Day 48: February 16
YAY!!!  The tree's are blooming, Spring is near!

Day 49: February 17
I swear, it bothered her not one bit that her pull-up was practically dragging at her feet.   We're doing M&M's as a reward for potty training, and I ran out of them.  I think she's rebelling.  (And yes, to avoid the child pornography police, I did blur out her bumbum.)

Day 50: February 18
Our family is going to be very, very sad when Hostess Sweet Sixteen Powdered Donuts are no longer on sale...
50 days!  Wow, we've made it 50 days... already!  

Have a great week!

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