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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kernersville Lake Park

If you're looking for Kernersville Lake Park, check their website for directions first.  It's not hard to find, but there is a sign missing at Old Valley School Rd. and if you don't know to turn there, you're going to end up waaaaay in the country.  

But we're glad we made it, after checking the map last night and trying again today.  The park is 160 acres, 60 acres of which is made up of the lake itself.  The park has fishing boats, pedal boats, a short paved walkway along the lake, lots of picnic tables, a shelter, volleyball court, a nature trail, and nice playground equipment. 
The rental price for the fishing boats seems reasonable.  I thought the pedal boats were rather pricey in comparison to the fishing boats, but you're probably not going to go out pedaling for three hours.  Private boats are not allowed.

Kernersville Lake Park has nice, modern, and safe playground equipment.  The ground is that really soft rubbery stuff throughout, with durable mats underneath the swings.  My daughters, ages two and six, thoroughly enjoyed the playground!

Good to know... the park is closed on Wednesday!

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