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Friday, August 6, 2010

My First Etsy Virtual Lab, Pancakes for Dinner... and Yay! I'm in Another Treasury!

Last night I attended my first etsy virtual lab, and it was quite an experience!  We were all there for the same reason, to learn how to have an effective, informative, and crafty blog that makes people want to read and come back!  To those that are new followers of my blog, welcome!  To those whose blogs I am now following, I hope we can learn from each other!

This is one of the first blogs that I came upon in the forum after the lab  NiftyGiftyGuides... and I love this post!  I'm glad I found it, because I like her sense of humor!

Speaking of a sense of humor... don't you love pancakes for dinner?  I made pancakes for breakfast every Saturday for a couple of years, and then... well, you know, life took over.  Now pancakes are a special occasion, 'cause I don't just take a box out of the freezer and stick 'em in the microwave.  No sirree, I use the bisquick recipe right on the side of the box... with a little bit of my Grandpa Overton's touch, which basically means I add a little bit more bisquick, and then a little bit more milk until it it the perfect consistency.   Tonight I made a double batch-- they freeze really well!
By the way, don't think for five seconds that I'm going to have lots of "what's for dinner" posts-- I am not a cook and I don't play one on TV.  But I do make a mean pancake!

Oh-- and let me tell you about two of my favorite kitchen things.  First, my griddle/stovetop grill.  I found it at Target on clearance years ago, and I use it all the time!  It's perfect for pancakes, quesadillas, hamburgers.  I love it!  And second, I love my big red spatula... a Dollar Tree find.  How could I ever flip pancakes without a big red spatula?  And the color just makes me happy...

"What's In A Name?" Treasury by EverydayDiamonds

This should have rated above pancakes for dinner...
Thank you to EverydayDiamonds for featuring my "Eggplant Blossoms"    bracelet in her latest treasury!

Speaking of treasuries, I found this in the Promo section of the forums and it looks like fun!  I love making treasuries, and I'm up for the challenge!  I think my theme will be aquariums... thanks Tarapparel for the idea! 

Have a beautiful weekend, and fill it with Soul Energy!

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  1. I love pancakes for dinner...they are my hubby's specialty!! Never tried freezing them-will have to try that :)