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Monday, August 30, 2010

Putting Words into Action

I'm putting my words into action.  Remember the article I wrote last week about 5 Things to do TODAY That Will Bring You Success?  Remember #4?

"Create Content.  It's important for people to know you off Etsy, too!  Let people know more about you through other venues.  You can post photos on flickr,  create a facebook fan page, or just post a comment on a blog that you follow.  Be funny, smart, weird... let people identify with you, and they'll feel more comfortable making that purchase!  Just don't be spammy.  Nothing will turn them off faster."

Turns out, that's easier than you think.  Last night I was browsing through the Etsy forums and saw the question "Does Anyone Know the Buzzwords for September?"  Well, it just so happens that I knew the answer to that question.  I researched it a few weeks ago for my article September Merchandising, and included a link to that post in the forums.  That link brought my blog a lot of traffic.  Most people just stopped by without comment, and that's fine.  I hope they learned something and will be back soon.  That  link also brought me two new subscribers (welcome to my world).
This map was created with my Wibiya widget, and shows the traffic to my blog in the last twenty four hours. 
I'll fully disclose that I actually posted two items on the forums last night (the second post was a question of my own), and the map doesn't differentiate.  I can tell you that I posted my photographic question at 11:35pm last night, it's now 8:53am and I had four clicks to that link on my blog since that posting..  My link about September Merchandising  was posted at 12:25am and now at 8:53am that article has had 43 views.  (BTW, that information was gained using my feedjit widget.)  Considering both posts were made while my part of the world was probably sleeping, I'm pretty excited about this.

And if you're wondering, I still haven't heard from Jason Calacanis.  That's okay, it's only 9am on Monday morning.  To be fair, I did start my experiment  Saturday around 1:30am.  I'm sure Mr. Calacanis is a busy man... but I expect I'll hear from him soon in one way or another.  And you'll be the first to know! 

Happy Monday!  If you're having trouble getting started this morning, this is what I did to get going... danced the Mambo with my two-year-old and Gloria Estefan on Elmopalooza.  The day is looking better already!

Have a great week!

All the best, Jessica

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