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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Etsy Selling Tips, Tagging, and Strawberries!

Birds A-Z Alphabet by Bold & Noble
I love Justine Smith!  She's a former etsy seller turned Media Consultant, and her her knowledge has been very helpful to me.  When I first started on etsy, I received a weekly email from her that was always chock full of great information.  She decided to take a turn in her endeavors, and that newsletter stopped... so, I'm happy to see an article by her on Outright, a place to get advice, and share your small business knowledge and experiences.  (I follow Outright on facebook and highly recommend it for you!)  Today, Outright featured etsy selling tips from a to z  by Justine.  This is a print-worthy article!  (Print-worthy would probably be my highest rating!  Ink is expensive!)  Justine is currently revamping her blog, but I'd bookmark or subscribe now, because I know she'll  continue to inspire when she's back.

How well are you tagging?  It can be hard to think of fourteen tags sometimes (and sometimes it's hard to only stick to fourteen.)  Here's a great article from the Storque with descriptive keywords useful for tagging your items.  I think it's important to tag with your location, also!  More people are shopping local on etsy, and don't always know that there's a shop local category   .  They will use their location as a search word instead.   Make sure those customers are finding you!  I read in the forums that a lot of people search specifically by country, with shipping cost in mind.  After reading that post, I started using "North Carolina USA" as one of my tags.

Mmmmm... Still Strawberry Season Here!
Now click on over to my latest treasury! 
Sadly, strawberry season has passed. No more locally grown, juicy red bites of sweet pleasure 'til spring. I do have a couple of jars of my mom's homemade strawberry jam to get me through autumn and winter... and this beautiful treasury to drool over until next year!

I usually only feature handmade items in my treasuries, but today I included several vintage items as well.  Are you selective in that regard when creating your treasuries?

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  1. Another great post! Thanks, Jessica! I'll be following on facebook and twitter too!

  2. Thanks Erin! I really appreciate that!