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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Project 365: Week 2, January 9-January 15

Did you have a great week?  

We had a snow event Monday night, which turned into an ice event, and the kids were out of school four days, with a two-hour delay on Friday.  Those of you up North or in the Midwest would totally laugh at us (Monday's snow brought us less than a quarter inch), but it would start to melt and refreeze each night.  
I'm ready for springtime, how about you?

Day 16: January 15
"No, Mommy, Stop! Turn off camera!"  Since Saturday is the link-up day, and I want to link up early, I think my Saturday shot is going to be something around the house with my girls.  (Surprise!)  Anyway, Younger Daughter and I were having a great time-- she was giving me lots of smiles, playing peek-a-boo under the blanket, posing for me.  And suddenly she was finished.  "Turn off the camera!"  She gave me her pouty look and turned her head... and gave me my favorite shot of the day.  :)
 Day 15: January 14
Enough with the snow already!  Even I am getting bored with photographing our weather.  This is the frost that had collected on my windshield overnight... I do love that I can see each individual flake. 

 Day 14: January 13
This is the Waxing Gibbous moon, 63% of full.  (I googled that info!)  We were running errands, and Older Daughter was amazed that she could see the moon in the middle of the afternoon.  This photo is SOOC, and you can see the sky was also an amazing bright blue and totally clear.  It took a couple of tries with my (blush) Kodak EasyShare point-and-shoot, but I did get a totally cool shot of this fantastic moon. 

Day 13: January 12
This morning Older Daughter called me into her room to show me her "vanity".  On her nightstand, she had set up a mirror, her jewelry box, and her chap sticks.  She had placed a flower in front of the mirror, wrapped a beaded necklace around the lampshade, and of course her fluffy purple tiara was there, too!  ♥ 

Day 12: January  11

We've been iced in!  These photos were taken at night, with only the street light illuminating.  I love the effect, reflecting through the ice and silhouetting the branches of the woods behind it.  The bottom photo is a macro of the pompous grass, showing the fronds encased in ice.  It was taken using my flash, enhancing the darkness behind it.

Day  11: January 10
We had a snow day today!  They called it last night, but it actually didn't even start til almost 5pm today.  They've already called school out for tomorrow, too!  You can see by our footprints in the snow that there is really not that much snow (maybe a quarter of an inch)... but things are a little... um... different here in the South.  This is not the first time they've cancelled school for snow and it didn't actually snow...  and we're totally unprepared when it actually does "weather".  And also, a lot of times it's ice, not snow, and nobody can drive on ice.  There's a quote for this photo, you can see it here

Day 10: January 9

Tell me you haven't done the same... I love to read, but I just don't have much time.  I was given the book Eat Pray Love for Christmas, and sometimes I have a hard time putting it down!  For the really good books (like this one), I'll prop it open with something so I can continue.  Here, I've propped it open with my tube of toothpaste so I can read while I brush my teeth! (blush).  I've also been known to prop a book open with a bottle of lotion while I dry my hair...   Tell me I'm not the only one!  I have not seen the movie (yet), but I was talking to a friend of mine about the movie, and I already know that my favorite part of the book was changed when it went to the big screen!  (Why do they do that?!)   Have you read the book?  When Liz is traveling with her friend, and she writes the letter to God and asks him to grant her the divorce (you are a part of the universe, you do matter!) and she spends an hour having everyone she can think of "sign" it.  I love that part, and it seriously brought tears to my eye.  This page I have photographed is the page I'm on now, and she's talking to her mother before leaving for Italy.  I can already tell that when I finish this book, I'm going to feel like I've lost a friend, and long for more... that, for me, is the trait of a really good book.

Have a fantastic third week!

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  1. NIce photos. Loving the snow flakes, but I think really think that is the best book photo ever!

  2. Thanks for stopping by and linking up, LOVED all your photo's! I cant wait to see more!! Have a blessed Saturday!! in his love, Sonya

  3. These are wonderful. I love them all. Great winter photos.

  4. I know that snow is difficult to cope with when the infrastructure around you is not prepared for weather like that. I loved that iced shot you took with the flash the best.

  5. I love the first two! That black and white portrait is stunning!

  6. Great shots! Love the ice on the pompous grass! Gorgeous!

  7. Like your shots, that moon photo rocks!

  8. okay I love day 11! it cought my eye instantly! its great!

  9. I love the first two. I read that book too... really liked the beginning, but it got less good towards the end. I know a lot of people loved it all the way through the... happy reading!

  10. I love all of your shots but the frost shot is so cool!