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Friday, August 13, 2010

Century Lake Park

If I was an avid fisherman, I would probably have a lot to say about Century Lake Park in Kernersville NC. I know from the KPRD website that the lake is fully stocked, and I'm sure it stays that way, because it has a catch and release policy.  
This was our first visit to Century Lake Park, and it wasn't exactly what I expected.  I saw the lake as we drove by, but it certainly didn't resemble the parks of pure playing pleasure my girls are used to in Kville.  We were looking for playground equipment and trails, and missed the park first time past.  So we turned around, parked in a designated space on the street, and proceeded down the sidewalk down to the dock.  

This park does meet the expectations I've come to have for the parks within this department.  There are fully outfitted restrooms, several picnic tables, a big T shaped docked with smaller ones dotted around the lake, and plenty of friendly geese.  We visited the park the day after a huge thunderstorm, so the water was muddy and we didn't see any fish, but the geese stayed and played and the girls had a great time running back and forth watching them swim around the dock.  Older daughter kept exclaiming, "I love it here!" so we'll be back, next time with bread for the geese and the lone duck that also joined us.
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