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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Feedjit is Fun! How It's Helping Me with SEO

I've recently added feedjit, a live traffic feed, to my blog.  Feedjit lets you know, right now, who is visiting your site.  Maybe it's the "nosy" in me that likes this information, but I think it's very helpful to see who's visiting, where they're from, and what links they're clicking on from my blog.  When I added this feed to my blog, I also  signed up for their daily newsletterI usually find these highly boring and quickly deleted, but this one is a little different.  Each day this week they have focused on ways to improve your SEO  (search engine optimization-- you know, how people find you!)   They summed up SEO and how to make it work for you in one, colorful sentence:

"Create new, unique and useful web pages, host them on a user-friendly website that Google can understand and make sure the right people know about them."

Makes sense, doesn't it?  I hope that I am doing all of the above.  I'm learning something new every day... As I've said before, I am  not an expert.  But, I know how to learn from other people's experience and expertise.  And I'm glad that you're coming along for the ride.  

All the best!  Jessica


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