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Monday, August 9, 2010

Real Advice from Real People, Utilizing Your Etsy RSS feed, and a Beautiful Aquamarine Treasury

Aquamarine by dianestrunk
How nice to be featured in an Aquamarine treasury-- not only my birthstone, but a really beautiful color!  I love this treasury!  I could seriously frame it... Thanks dianestrunk for featuring me in this truly calming collection!  I have soul energy...

I love real advice from real people!  This is a great article from Handmade Spark with a list of put offs gathered from the etsy forums.  I learned a lot from this article, and I think you will, too! 

Oh!  And here is another great article about promoting your etsy RSS feed.   "Let’s say you promote your Etsy shop RSS feed and you get 100 people subscribed to your feed.  That is 100 people that are interested in the items you sell.  Every time you update your shop with new or renewed items these 100 people are going to get notified that you have a new and fresh shop.  Ok… now let’s consider this… you have 1000+ people subscribed to your RSS feed.  Think of the potential views… sales… and growth your Etsy shop will receive."--  handmade spark

Sounds like something we could all use, right?  I am jumping on this first thing in the morning!  Looking at the comments, it looks like some people had trouble linking it, I'll let you know how it goes for me.

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