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Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy 8/9/10, RSS feed, and SHCOOL's starting!

I'm seeing a theme here... Friday, dianestrunk featured me in her Aquamarine treasury, dreaming of seas dreams... today, marcibrunophoto featured one of my polished seashell bracelets in her Beachy Keen treasury, and she can almost smell the salty ocean air! Where has the summer gone? School starts in two weeks for my daughter... and I didn't make it out to OBX this summer! What is YOUR favorite beach memory? Please share!


Did you find yesterday's post about the RSS feed helpful?  I just got the "subscribe" button embedded on my blog... so while you're looking at it, go ahead and click it and subscribe!  I tried to mention it in my shop announcements, but I was having technical difficulties.  I don't know how I would add it to my facebook page... maybe someone can help?  How do you add a link to a picture in facebook?  I think I'll search the forums later...

Road Crews Misspell School

And today's funny... 

Or not so funny... 

Click the picture caption if you'd like to read the full story... this happened in the next county and was reported on a local television station's website.

Hey, you know what's so cool about today? 
It's 8-9-10!!
Lol, oh the joys of being easily amused...

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