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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Photo Hunt Challenge--October 2010

I'm participating in a photo hunt challenge, and I've just completed the twenty words!  This one was, well, more challenging than the other photo scavenger hunts I've done, if only because it was twice as many words as the others.  This hunt also challenged me because I learned a couple of new skills and techniques along the way. 
In Disguise-- Wookiee Alert! Downtown Witch Crawl

Crisp--the path was filled with crisp Autumn leaves

Fall Colors-- Looking through the treetops

Jack O'Lantern-- I'd lose my head if it wasn't attached.  Found at a local Trunk-or-Treat

Shot from the Ground-- soft and furry moss in the woods

Fall Tradition-- these geese would pass overhead every morning as we waited at the school bus stop.  The day I took this photo was actually the last day they passed over us.  Perhaps they were following Fall Tradition and taking their journey further south that day.

Books--Seen on my last trip downtown.  Really, everybody should have a Book Mistress inside the Tattoo Parlor

Dining-- This milkweed bug was having a fine time munching on the plantlife

Children-- I was cooking dinner while my older daughter, 6, was playing a game on the computer.  I peeked out to see that her younger sister, 2, had joined her.  I love the bond they share.

Faces Formed in Nature-- Since I was probably the only one that would see a face in this tree fungus, and photoshop is allowed, I decided to go all the way.

A Landscape--Salem Lake, Winston-Salem NC, at sunset

B/W With Selective Coloring-- A beautiful, perfectly white flower in Black and White

Tilt/Shift--Autumn Fishing, Salem Lake, Winston-Salem NC

Bokeh-- taken at the Greensboro Arboretum

Best Photo of October 23-- we spent the morning at the bounce house for a birthday party.  here my daughter is coming at me with the boxing gloves!

Something from the Kitchen-- a happy kitchen is the one in which all the dishes have been washed.

Vintage-- My Grandmother probably wouldn't appreciate me using her in a photo describing "vintage", but I love this photo of her and her brother.  Both of them are in their 80's, and it had been two years since they'd seen each other.  I love that they're holding hands.   

Creepy-- perhaps not scary creepy, but this truck on the side of a country road, abandoned long enough to have pretty flowers growing through the steel and metal, was pretty creepy.  How long had it been there, why was it left, who did it belong to?  Creepy.

Golden-- Golden Carolina Sunrise.  Straight out of the camera, as soon as I saw this sunrise I knew it was Golden.

Self-Portrait--  (This is the only photo used from my archives)  A little over two months ago, my life changed completely.  Upside down, don't know which way is up.  Together, but apart, and oh, so far away. Dealing with illness, and separation, and questions I can't ask and questions I can't answer.  A little over a month ago, I went to a local gardens and fell in love with the water lily pond.  I took photo after photo, and they all just spoke to me.  This was one of the first photos I took, and it was as if the water lily was made to be photographed.  It's beauty beheld me, and I started using this photo as my avatar, my gravitar, the banner in my shops, everywhere.  I just felt the water lily was me.  About three weeks ago, I was telling a friend about this, and she told me that the water lily symbolizes "new beginning".  Is that what has pulled me toward it?  Ten minutes ago, I googled the water lily, to see if what my friend told me was true.  The Water Lily is a symbol of new life, or new beginnings in your life.  They foretell there will be a close commingling of prosperity and sorrow.  Damn.  While I'll take the prosperity any day,  I'm having enough sorrow.  I found another meaning for the Water Lily, and I'd rather go with this: "Purity of Heart"

Please take a moment to see the other participants here!



  1. Great job on the photos. My favorites are the golden and the lotus lily. Where we live we have an abundance of that in many different colors. I'm obsessed with taking pictures of them. Their beauty captivates me every time. Oh, we used to live in W-S.

    Here are mine:

  2. great collection! I thought it was funny that my "in disguise" was star wars,! my favorites are landscape, tiltshift, creepy, and golden -- also, dining was an interesting twist =) nice work!

  3. Great pics Jess..and you completed all 20, yea! They were all beautiful but my faves were the fall colors (the carolina blue sky was so nice peeking from behind the leaves), shot from ground and dining!

  4. Another NC blogger? YAY! I'm now following you...but let's talk photos. What a great series. I think I especially like your shot from the ground and that golden shot is beautiful. Have a great week!

  5. Great shots. I love your shot from the ground.

  6. What a wookie!!! :)

    Loved your landscape shot. Marvelous!

  7. Love the from the ground and tilt-shift too. They're all great!

  8. your tilt-shift is perfect!! wonderful photos :)

  9. Great shots! I love the jack o lanterns you found at Trunk or Treat. You and I used the same idea for fall tradition too! My favorite is your tilt shift one, very well done!

  10. Great shots, I love your tilt shift and Shot from the ground!

  11. So many great shots, but I think my favorite is the selective coloring, I just love the overall look. Great work.

    Oh, and what you put under the self-portrait shot, I understand exactly. Photography really speaks to me when life is rough, it can be an amazing outlet!


  12. great set! i love the colors in your crisp and landscape entries. don't ya just love the autumn? oh, and what a beautiful shot of the sunrise and it's sooc wow!

  13. Love your golden shot and your tilt-shift. You're right, that truck abandoned there is kind of creepy. Who abandons a semi?

  14. Great photos. I used my nan for vintage as well, lol.

  15. I just absolutely love your shot for fall colors! Beautiful!

  16. I love your creepy shot! I really like the contrast of the elements - the man made with nature.