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Thursday, August 26, 2010

5 Things To Do TODAY That Will Bring You Success!

Kitschy and Vintage Yellow Rolling Pin
Etsy has been busy!  They have been rolling out so many great improvements for us, both as buyers and sellers!  They've made treasuries searchable by keyword, you can now browse etsy in the currency of choice, wider pages, new checkout ... it's a lot keep up with!  There are several things that you need to do today to keep your shop running seamlessly and bring success.

1. Update your sales tax setting.  Etsy is rolling out the new check out this week, and if you have sales tax settings at PayPal, the new checkout will ignore these settings.   Make sure you set sales tax rates on Etsy today!  The deadline was at 12am this morning (Thursday, August 26), and if you have not yet done it, any sales you have through the new check out are not being charged any sales tax.  You can read Etsy's update about collecting sales tax here.    You can also learn about individual state's sales tax requirements here.

2.  Check your tags.  Use words that describe style, texture, color, size, theme.  Vary your tags between items so that your work will be seen in different searches.  Use all fourteen available tags!

3.  Set your location.  Not only will you get invites to art and craft shows, more people are choosing to support local business people.  Etsy makes it easy for those shoppers with the shop local page.

4.  Create content.  It's important for people to know you off Etsy, too!  Let people know more about you through other venues.  You can post photos on flickr,  create a facebook fan page, or just post a comment on a blog that you follow.  Be funny, smart, weird... let people identify with you, and they'll feel more comfortable making that purchase!  Just don't be spammy.  Nothing will turn them off faster.

5.  Promote others as you would have them promote unto you.  Okay, I'll be honest about this.  My Etsy shop isn't doing that great.  I could get frustrated and hang it up, but to me it's about more than that.  I see other people being successful, and I know that will be me soon!  I believe that it's really important to promote other etsians just as much as I promote myself, because right  now, Etsy's success is my success.  If I were a shop at the mall, it would be awful for the other stores to start closing down around me.  Who would come shop at my store if I were the only one left?  If I know the shop around the corner has awesome gifts for Grandpa, I'm going to share that... even if it means the customer shops around the corner today, instead of in my shop.  The customer will appreciate the fact that I pointed them in the right direction, and the other shop owner will appreciate the recommendation, and maybe recommend me when someone comes to them looking for beautiful bracelets or artistic photos.

So go put on the coffeepot or teakettle, and get moving.  Make your shop successful.  Get these five things done and make it work!

By the way, last week I mentioned feedjit, a widget that helps you track the traffic to your blog or website.  I also mentioned their awesome newsletter.  I caught up on two newsletters today, and I learned two great tools about creating traffic to your blog or website.  I'm using both techniques today, and we'll see how it does for me... I'll tell you more about both tomorrow!  Jason Calacanis,  I'm onto you!  Thanks, feedjit!  Wish me luck!

All the best, Jessica


  1. I think you are right on. I have also found that trading with fellow etsians has helped get my items out there. I am also going to start reviewing the items I get from others and featuring them on my blog if I think they are fantastic. :) It's good karma.

  2. I really appreciate this article. I will work on my tags today, and add an entry to my poor neglected blog!

  3. Thank you for featuring my Kitschy Rolling Pin on this extremely helpful blog post.

    The article was intersting and much appreciated!


  4. Awesome post!! I am still a bit nervous about selling...but I need to get over my fear and just do it!! Maybe I will launch on my birthday.....we'll see ;)

  5. @irunwithscissors... trading is a good idea, and something that I've toyed with myself. As we roll up to Christmas, it's something that I'm definitely going to look more into! And it's *definitely* a good idea to review them on your blog! Karma is good!
    @Keikeaux... I'm going to check out your blog in a minute! Don't feel like you have to blog everyday, but you should keep the conversation going!
    @Rolling Hills Vintage... I'm shocked that adorable rolling pin hasn't sold yet! I didn't realize 'til this morning that it has been on the front page!
    @Racquel... just do it! I've seen your creativity on your blog, and you are AWESOME! Just start listing... you may surprise yourself!