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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I love the Wider Etsy! Brand Your Business, Find Your Name... Old Salem.

Old Wachovia Meet New Wachovia

There's lots of buzz about this on the forums... I love the wider format in my etsy shop!  I actually love everything about it. My jewelry and photography look bright, brilliant, and beautiful. The shop announcement is perfect (yes, I know that's very controversial in the forums.  But really, I was saying way too much, and so was everyone else.  Just let me shop... I'll get to the information you want me to see before I purchase).  And the left-side format makes sense to me.  What do you think?
Salem College
Single Brothers' Workshop

Old Salem Coffepot

Private Residence Old Salem
I wish I had seen this list of services... oh, about a year ago.  On etsy and email, I'm soulenergy... on yahoo, blogger and weebly I had to use soulenergyjewelry because soulenergy was already taken.  Well, take the time now to check out this article about Seven Services to Find and Reserve Your Name Across the Web.   I just did, and went ahead and reserved my name in a couple of places... and even then couldn't always use soulenergy, my preferred hanger, since I'm expanding my art beyond jewelry. 

I took the girls to Old Salem yesterday, and we strolled through the eighteenth-century living history grounds.  Old Salem is a 15-20 minute drive from us... and it's been years since I've been!  If you'd like to learn a little about the history of Salem, NC and my hometown of Winston-Salem (the cigarettes are named for the city-- not the other way around), click on the pictures.  I've included the history behind the picture in my etsy description. 
Broken Sidewalk By a White Picket Fence
Organic Peach Feast

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