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Friday, September 3, 2010

New Tools-- Etsy Explorer and Treasury HTML Code Generator

First, for those that are wondering, I still haven't heard from Jason Calacanis.  If you're not sure why I'm waiting, check out these three articles:
*5 Things to Do Today That Will Bring You Success
*So Who is Jason Calacanis Anyway? Link-Bait and Headlines
*Putting Words into Action

Next, I've been trying out a couple of new tools for Etsy buyers and sellers.  I found the Etsy Explorer, "A new, guided search tool that lets you quickly add and remove terms from your search. With its birds-eye view, you can quickly home in on just the thing you're looking for."  I found this new tool at the bottom of the Buy page under the headline "Experiments".  It was pretty cool.  I was starting a treasury for Grandparent's Day (which is September 12 this year), and I was able to get right down to the nitty-gritty with search term suggestions, and the tool also lets me then narrow it down even further by theme, color, material, purpose, technique, and more.  For the purpose of making a treasury it was just a little cumbersome, but overall it seems like a great tool, especially for people that are new to Etsy shopping. 

And now I'm going to try another new tool, developed by redrowstudio.  You can read the forum thread about this new treasury tool here.  This tool is supposed to make treasuries clickable within your website or blog in one easy step, without having to take a screen shot (which is not clickable to individual shots) or creating a mini-etsy.  So let's try it right now!
'Looking for a Grandparents Day Gift?' by soulenergy

National Grandparent's Day is celebrated the first Sunday after Labor Day, and this year it will be September 12. It was originally intended as a day for grandchildren to tap into the wisdom and heritage their grandparents could provide. These talented Etsians have given you an array of wonderful gifts for your special Grandma and Grandpa!

0 to 3 mo bodysuit ...

I Love Grandpa - Bu...

Number 731111 Gran...

grandparent plaque

The Grandparents

Grandparents Embell...

Grandparent's D...

Grandma Rocks- engr...

Slow Grandparents A...

Grandmas Love Sterl...

Grandparents Slate ...


Custom Grandmother ...

Grandpa, The Man Th...

Grandparents Day Gi...


Okay, you can see that I had to experiment a bit.  The Treasury HTML code generator gives you options of "normal", which was huge and took up my whole page, "small", which still overlapped my right column, and "tiny", which still wasn't small enough to fit within the frame of my blog properly.  The code generator also gives column options of 1-6 wide, and the three wide looks perfect on my blog.  When I create a treasury, I'm very careful with placement, because I want an aesthetically pleasing as well as organized treasury.  So, I'm not sure that this would work for me every time, because I am first and foremost creating a treasury for the Etsy page, which will always show it at four columns.  But this is a great tool, and it was really easy to use, once I figured out my standards.  (Again, for my blog I chose 3 columns size:tiny.)  Just remember, when you are copy/pasting all the html, make sure you are in the Edit HTML mode when pasting the code.

And don't forget your Grandparents... if they're no longer with you, adopt an older person for the day (the week, the year) and let them know you care.
All the best, Jessica

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