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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pounce! Monday

Okay, so it's Tuesday.  It's been a busy week!  I did a craft show on Saturday, those always take a lot out of me.  Sunday, I was inspired to email a columnist in one of the larger newspapers in the area, whose column focuses a lot on local businesses and shopping local.  I told him about the Shop Local feature on Etsy, and provided a link.  There are hundreds of crafters and artisans in our area with shops on Etsy, and we are just a part of shopping local as anyone else!  At the end of my email to the columnist, I P.S.'ed that I have a blog that focuses on free family events in the Piedmont Triad of NC.  Well, the next morning, I had a reply from the columnist.  Not only did he add a permanent link to the Etsy Shop Local in his online column, he also added a link to my other blog!  How exciting is that! 

More good news for me, I had a convo this afternoon from an art gallery in a tourist-y town located in the mountains of NC.  They've invited me as an artist to sell my work!  This is my first invitation of the sort, and I'm doing the Hap-Hap-Happy Dance!! 

Now onto Pounce! Monday, on this fine Tuesday evening.  (Total aside, here it is, officially Autumn, and it's still 90° here in North Carolina.  I am so over this hot weather!)

aix en provence by Marla Sullivan
The first new shop I pounced has original paintings by Marla Sullivan, and her work is so bright and colorful!  I love it!  She's only got four items in her shop right now, and I hope she keeps adding!  This one is my favorite:
First Rose by Marla Sullivan
I also very much like First Rose.

Sub Aquatic Surreal  by ElonShartonBierig
I love me some good surrealism!  I've just pounced on Mindcollective by ElonShartonBierig.  I love art that makes me laugh!  Sub Aquatic Surreal did just that! 

I could ponder what he's pondering for a very, very long time...
Reclination by ElonShartonBierig
All the best to both new shops!  Maybe you'll be their first sale!

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