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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Morning Walks

I carry my camera with me everywhere I go.  Life is fleeting, it happens fast and I want to be ready to capture the moment.  Monday's photograph seals the deal for me.  I will never go anywhere without my camera.

Lonely Daisy
After I get Older Daughter on the school bus, Younger Daughter and I usually go for a walk.  We don't go far, just to the end of the sidewalk, maybe a half mile in each direction.  This half mile has given me so much beauty!  Much of my photographic inspiration has been found on this twenty minute walk.  As we walked Monday, I noticed the church's field was overgrowing, and it was covered in tall dandelion puffs.  We crossed the street, I parked the stroller and I started snapping away.  Suddenly, I noticed the Lonely Daisy.    The only daisy among this big open field filled with dandelions. 

Today, Thursday, I noticed on our walk that it was gone.  The field has not been mowed, yet the dandelion puffs have blown away, and "my" daisy is nowhere to be found.  Fleeting.  Yet captured forever.

Here are a few more shots I've captured on this short, half mile walk. 
Butterly Bush III

There is a large butterfly bush on the side of a busy road.  This road leads to several neighborhoods, a shopping center, and our Main Street in town.  I've driven this road hundreds of times, and never noticed this beauty on the corner until I started walking it.  The bush, probably eight feet tall, would have hundreds of hungry butterflies feeding on its sweet nectar. 

Butterfly Bush II

And how fantastic is this!  Walking back from the bus stop, the sun was breaking behind the clouds.  It was amazing and beautiful... and it was promising me another great day. 
Another Great Day

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