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Friday, September 10, 2010

Etsy Love ♥ Featured Artist: donmoti

If you follow me regularly, you know that I have not done many (um, any) features of a specific Etsy shop.  That's going to change today!  I'm searching Etsy for items to include my next treasury, and I just came upon a shop that is selling really cool jewelry that tells a story.  Jewelry that tells a story?  Yes, come see!

Staircase to Heaven by Marc Barer

The name of the shop is donmoti, and Marc Barer is the artist.  He's located in Sydney, Australia.  Staircase to Heaven is the piece that first attracted me to his shop (my treasury theme is going to be stair/step related).  What I love about this piece is that he will customize it... here's the description :

Depicted is an ascending staircase that is representative of mans journey or mans final ascent to heaven.

One of the figures is a woman just beginning her ascent at the bottom of the staircase, in the middle of the stair case is a man ascending up the staircase with a cane stick as his support. At the climax of the staircase is a man sitting, in pondering/reflective state, wondering whether heaven is everything it was cracked up to be.

The Ring can also be customized, I can make any story line that the buyer wishes to have on the staircase. So if you would like for instance an elderly woman ascending or descending, i can carve such a woman out. Or maybe a family scene perfoming some kind of activity on the staircase. I can even create more people, for example 5 little people all walking up staircase, of different age groups. Or even kids just running up/ down, sitting on the stairs having a chat. Simply contact me and we'll make something special happen!

Oh, the brilliance!  And it doesn't stop there... here are a couple more rings available in his shop.  

Two Man Chat
Lovers Debate

Oh, his work is just amazing!  There is such attention and detail, I can almost imagine the conversation and thoughts within the jewelry.  Art that speaks to me... all the best to donmoti!

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