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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tips for Successful Commenting and 7 Things to Avoid

I read a great article on  Meylah today about successful commenting on blogs. These are three tips given:

1. Only comment if you have something interesting/helpful to say 
2. Stop blatantly promoting your business 
3. It's okay to disagree, but do it professionally
I haven't had a problem with readers(?) self-promoting on my blog, but I have noticed it on other blogs I read. (I add the ? because I don't think they're reading!)  Some people don't realize how much of a turn-off it is to see "look at me, look at me!" I think Meylah's tips can apply to more than just commenting on blogs... I curated a treasury last week about Grandparent's Day.  The first comment on the treasury was something like "Hi!  Great treasury, I love the colors.  If you have a second, check out my treasury at blah-blah-blah and show it some love.  Thanks!"  My first reaction?  Honestly, I was a little pissed.  I know that's ridiculous, but it was obvious she hadn't even looked at the treasury, and it seemed as if she was just copy-and-pasting her comments.  My treasury was based on a theme, not a color, and she hadn't even taken the time to notice that.  I deleted her comment, and that is the first time ever I have done that.  It just seemed so selfish, selfish, selfish, and I didn't have time for it.  So please remember your manners when commenting!

By the way, I love comments that are part of the conversation.  I do wish that you, dear reader, would comment when you have something to say... I so often feel as if I'm talking to myself.  My google analytics show me that I'm not, but speak up!  I'd love to hear from you.

The Meylah article brought me to another great resource for us bloggers.  I've only just come upon it, but it looks worth checking out.  Here's a link to an article called 7 Things to Avoid While Leaving a Blog Comment ,  The name of the site is Daily Blog Tips... can't wait to check it out further!

All the best, Jessica


  1. I just came over from Everything Etsy after reading your comment on her bundling post. You said you didn't know how you would bundle your bracelets... Well, I happen to like to wear an assortment of bracelets all at once. So that is how I would suggest bundling them... choose 3 that work together and call it a bundle! I am in Charlotte... small world! Blessings!

  2. Thanks Terri! I appreciate the advice!

  3. Hi Jessica,

    I love your advise but have a question. When featured in a Collection is it self promotion to add a comment of thanks for being included? I always want to comment but don't want to be spammy