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Saturday, September 11, 2010

'ascending: moving or growing or going upward' by soulenergy

Move on, move up, move forward... sometimes treasuries take a completely different turn for me... in an unexpected and pleasant way.dreaming of staircases could mean a spiritual awakening, the beginning of a very important spiritual journey. The ascension of the staircase may denote the rising to a higher level of thinking and love.

The Staircase

Fine art photo - CO...

8 X 10 Print Corner...

Flat Turn Staircase...

The Color of Memory...

city shell


Spiral Staircase Or...

Sepia Staircase Pho...

The Tree-Lined Path

Park Slope

The House of Curves...

Not So Far Away Pai...


Making an Entrance ...

Ascend - Original S...

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