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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Touch Up Tuesday

I pass this church a hundred times a week (a day, it seems like).

Once, I thought I would do a thirty day project on this steeple alone.  I still might do that.
It seems to be an ever changing proclamation of God and Creation, 
with it's backdrop of white or gray clouds, or no clouds at all.
Moon light, sun light, rain or shine.  
Something about this steeple, it's point reaching high towards the Heavens.
Really does something for me.

On the left, SOOC.  I removed that little brick jutting out to the right of the steeple, and did a cross process, at about 50%.   After I did that, I decided to add a little more cross process effect, and faded this one about 25%.  I love the effect of cross process!  (Picnik is my photo editor of choice.)

Looking at the final picture, I wish Picnik's cross process effect had an "erase" feature.  I think I'd like this photo more if the steeple was it's original white color.

Here are some more photos I've take of this steeple over the last few months.

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  1. awesome pics, the second to last is my favorite! the clouds and silhouette are amazing! I'll have to try that effect on picnik, i've never messed with it!

  2. I think the last 2 are my favorite-very pretty!