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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mary, Thank You! (But I’m not sure I know who you are…)

Don’t you love it when you get real mail…personal, handwritten mail?

Isn’t this a pretty greeting card?  Someone took the time out of their day to go to the store, pick it out, include a handwritten note, and send it to… me?102_6287

I say it with a question mark, because I don’t really know that it was meant for me. 

It’s addressed to me, with my name and address.  It’s from someone that doesn’t know me very personally, because my name changed last year, and it was addressed with my former last name.  It was my building number, but did not include the apartment letter.  Anyway, it was addressed to me, it came to me, I opened it… and I’m not sure who it’s from.

Mary.  It’s from Mary.  She signed the card, there’s a return label on the envelope, with her last name and address.  She lives in a city close by… I’m sure I must know her.  Have met her recently, she says right there on the card we haven’t known each other long.  But the fact is, I’m usually really good with names… especially with people whose “heart I have touched”.  But I haven’t really met anybody new recently.  And I haven’t met Mary.   Although I know I’d like her, because I love the type of people that send greeting cards and include a handwritten note. 


And really, though I don’t know for sure that this was written for me… it was written for me.  It comes at a time when I need to hear what it says.  “Here’s wishing you a little time to find the peaceful you.”  Mary took the time to underline that herself.   It’s the way of the Universe, isn’t it, to send you the very thing you need the most at the time you could really use it?  That’s kinduv what this card is for me… the Universe dropping me a line and reminding me that I’m okay, everything is as it should be… for now.  And I am a strong and beautiful person. 

I’ve chosen to share this through my blog because I wonder if Mary is a reader of it? 

I definitely feel as if I “know” some people through their blog.  These are very personal things for some of us, and I am very often touched by your stories and journeys. 

Perhaps Mary is reading this right now.  Mary, thank you for taking the time to send this to me.  You brightened my day, and I appreciate you for that. 

If she is not a reader of this blog, what do you think I should do?  I still wonder if it was intended for another person with the same name… that Mary met her and found my address through the phone book.  I’m the only one listed in my town, but that doesn’t mean I’m the only one living here.

Should I send her a note back thanking her?  Should I let her know that I’m not sure that I know her?

Or should I just accept it, and cherish it for what it is?

Kindness and encouragement sealed in an envelope.


  1. oooh, what a dilemma! i would hate to think that if perhaps it was intended for someone else, they may not get it. but what are the chances? surely it was meant for you?!