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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Galvanized Steel Wire Assures Unique Handmade Jewelry

The fun thing about working with wire is that despite the fact that you're working with a plan, you have to be ready to change at any moment. 18 gauge galvanized steel is hard, and if you bend or loop it the wrong way, you have to either change your plan or start over. I love that every piece I create is different, unique, one-of-a-kind... handmade. I couldn't duplicate any of my pieces if I wanted to. Your piece was truly meant for you.
For Kim
For Allison, requested by her mother, Ashley.
For Chloe, requested by her mother, Keatley.

One of my first attempts at embellishing my pendant with a necklace.  Modeled and handmade by me, I call this necklace "Lost in the Clouds".
I made this pendant for my friend Pam.  I was thrilled to see her wearing it at her daughter's ninth birthday party!  I love how she wore it with the beaded necklaces.  Fabulous!
Another pendant, colorful with lots of movement
This one is for Ashley, Allison's Mom.  Ashley requested two pendants, one with Alli, the other with Ash.  She also requested the pink stardust heart bead. Once I've added the heart bead and the final loop, the pendant will be complete.

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