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Friday, February 25, 2011

Project 365: Week 8, February 19-25

Some weeks, I can barely eke out a photo a day... some weeks, I have so many I can't decide which ones to leave out!  This was one of those weeks!

Day 51: February 19
Saturday was in the sixties, sunny, with a calm breeze.  Perfect for airing out the house and putting some sheets and blankets out on the line in back!

Day 52: February 20
Despite the cloud cover, it was another beautiful day!  We went to the park and enjoyed the playground and rock structures!  And doesn't this angle make my six year old look about six feet tall?!

Day 53: February 21
This was our view at the school bus stop in the morning.  Wispy clouds surrounding the beautiful waning moon.

Day 54: February 22
We got a new laptop today!  Two, actually.  This is Sammy.  We adopted him and his sister Molly, nine month old Calico Mix kittens.  And I'm discovering it is not easy to type on the "real" laptop with furry laptop also in my lap!

Day 55: February 23
Another bus stop view, this one in the afternoon.  You can see the original photo and more here

Day 56: February 24
My girls are totally into Justin Bieber.  Baby, baby, baby please.  I guess there are worse things they could "love", but the older is seriously obsessed.  Here they are singing and dancing along to Justin on youtube.

Day 57: February 25
We had very heavy downpours this morning.  Afternoon brought huge billowy clouds, the sun trying to fight it's way through.  The wind was also very strong and pushed the thick clouds quickly by.  All of these were taken standing in the same spot one after the other.

Have a great week!  I can't believe we'll be into March by next week's post.  As much as I'm ready for Spring and Summer, time can slow down just. a. bit.  And y'all, I'm starting a new job on Monday, so keep me in your thoughts.  This is a big move for me and I'm a little nervous.  It's going to push me a little out of my comfort zone... but I think it'll be a good thing.
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  1. Wonderful photos. Love all the photos at the park on Feb. 20th.

  2. great pictures. looks like a fun week, and I bet the girls are loving your newest family memebers

  3. I love the cloud one a ton. I love them all, however the clouds caught my attention cause i took a ton of the sky this week. HUgs

  4. Lots of fun photos this week! I love the yellow sheet in the beautiful light and it looks like a fun visit to the park.

  5. You got some great shots this week! Lovin all your cool collages :D

  6. Hi!
    Great shots! Love the one of the moon, it looks so close. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  7. I love all your photos. It looks like you had fun in the park.

  8. oh, I long for days to hang clothes outside!

  9. I love that kitty!! The moon shot is so pretty!!

    Hey... we are doing the Naked Egg .. we are 24 hours in... =) My daughters current Science Fair experiment is not working... she may ask her teacher to switch to the Naked Egg!! =) only we knew the outcome... so we need to find another theory to go with it... leaving it in longer?? will it eat away the membrane?? or something?!! =)

  10. Hey I am the same way... I take a ton A TON of pictures each day (most of the time.) the other times not soo many crazy how that works! liking that moon shot! it looks like its a painting or something.

  11. love the moon, cat and the collage of your girls. adorable!

    Project 365

  12. These are so cute!! I love how you created a collage for some of the days. But I have to say that my favorite is your Day 51!!