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Friday, February 4, 2011

Skywatch Friday: Winter Sunset at the Park

Winter Sunset at the Park
A Winter Sunset
The frosty sky, like a furnace burning,
The keen air, crisp and cold,
And a sunset that splashes the clouds with gold
But my heart to summer turning.
Come back, sweet summer ! come back again !
I hate the snow,
And the icy winds that the north lands blow,
And the fall of the frozen
I hate the iron ground,
And the Christmas roses,
And the sickly day that dies when it closes,
With never a song or a sound.
Come back ! come back ! with your passionate
And glowing hazes,
And your sun that shines as a lover gazes,
And your day with the tired feet.
Lord Alfred Douglas 


  1. A lovely sky sight. I like the way you framed it.

  2. I like how there is just a hint of color--very pretty! Can't wait for those SUMMER sunsets!!!!!

  3. That sky shot is stunning!

  4. What a beautiful photo - you should frame that!

  5. Beautiful shot!!!! I am hosting another challenge & would LOVE if you stopped by :)
    ~Angel @