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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Project 365: Week 5, January 29-February 4

I can't believe we're rolling into February already!  36 days down, only 329 to go!  Let's get started...

Day 30: January 29
Through the Eye of a Horse-- Older Daughter attended a birthday party with a riding lesson!

Day 31: January 30

Pretty soon you'll be able to stalk me, or at least follow me on my way to work!  ;)

Day 32: January 31
The little solar powered dancing flower from the Dollar Tree just makes me happy!  It sways back and forth in the light.

Day 33: February 1
Maybe it's the glasses... Until I was editing this photo, I thought my daughter resembled more of their Dad's side of the family.  I think I remember seeing a photo of my Mom, still a teenager in the 60s, wearing this type of sunglasses, with that same half-smile that my daughter has on her face. 

Day 34: February 2
Winter Sunset at the Park--  It was a beautiful day, another one in the 60s, and I was hoping (expecting!) to see blooms and blossoms, and color... hello, it is still winter!!  But I did get a nice shot of the sun setting between the trees.  (The funny thing is, when I read my sister's blog later that evening, I saw that she went out looking for the same thing... and she did find Springtime!  Her photo is gorgeous SOOC, but she did also did an edit to die for... check it out here.  I seriously want her photo framed and on my wall.)

Day 35: February 3
Her Mother and I have been friends for years, and our daughters were born just six months apart.  As we get older, it's hard to make time to get together, but we always make a point to do something fun around birthday time.  Girlie is having her 7th birthday on Sunday.

Day 36: February 4
Working on Older Daughter's science project.  Here's Day 2 of "The Naked Egg".  The egg is in a container covered in vinegar, and the shell dissolves, leaving the rubbery membrane.  The experiment will be complete tomorrow, when we should be able to shine a flashlight through it and see the inside.  Cool!

I think I've changed my "week" each week so far, but I'm probably going to stick with this... Saturday-Friday.  I want to be ready to link on early on Saturday!

How did your week go?  Are you excited that Phil has predicted an early Spring?  (Those of you reading this in the Midwest and Northeast, please don't roll your eyes when you read that!)  

Please leave a comment so I can be sure to visit your blog, too!

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  1. Day 33--Marilyn DOES look like mom!! I didnt see it til you said something..but so true! Day 36-how interesting..and bizarre!!

  2. Wonderful photos. Looks like a great week. Love the horses eye.

  3. i like the stoplight pictures and the one with your daughter wearing sunglasses.

  4. I love Day 34 that is awesome. What action did you use with that picture? Thanks for stopping by and linking up!! Have a blessed weekend!

  5. Such a cute shot with the sunglasses!

  6. Love the dancing flower! Really neat science project too. My favorite photo is the sunset. Just gorgeous.

  7. Another great week! Love the horse's eye and your daughter in her sunglasses! And what a neat science project.

  8. Thanks everyone, for your comments!

    Sonya, I use Picnik for my editing, and to the best of my recollection... I gave the photo a sepia tone and faded it to about 50-60%, then did a focal black and white. I also did a vignette, and probably faded it to about 50%. So often when I'm editing, I'll go back and forth with effects, by the time I'm finished... it's all just a guess how I got there. I just keep going until I'm happy with it. I also loooove the end result of this photo, I'm really happy to receive so much positive feedback about it!