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Friday, January 21, 2011

Skywatch Friday

North Carolina is known for truly having "four seasons".

Sometimes we have all four seasons in one week!

It's been cold and gray for weeks on end... and then Wednesday....

Ta daaaaaaa!

Big, beautiful, billowy clouds, surrounded by great expanses of Carolina blue sky

Sunlight.  You can see from the darkness of the bottom of the clouds, the clouds were thick and the sun was having trouble penetrating them.

And temperatures in the mid-fifties.  (Although within the hour of taking these photos, the temperature dropped 14°.)


Wednesday gave me a case of Spring Fever.  We have dipped back down in to the 30s, and they're calling for more (potentially freezing) rain towards the beginning of the week.  Luckily, this is North Carolina.  Regardless of the weather today, it could be completely different tomorrow.  Unless it's summer, and then it's just hot.

P.S.  I didn't notice this 'til I posted my linky, but in the first photo... the clouds look like hands to me.  As if it's two hands holding the sunlight between them (cupped together, like you'd hold a firefly).  And God is saying to me, "okay, here's the sunlight, you can have it for just a minute..."  :)
Here it is again.... Do you see it?

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  1. Clouds look like a circle to me. Circles are my favorite since I was a child ... it means no beginning and no ending. Interesting blog this week.
    Joyce M

  2. ha-it DOES sort of look like hands! I loooove pictures of clouds-and you got some real good ones!