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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Photo Hunt Challenge-- December 2010

Happy New Year!

My last Photo Hunt Challenge of 2010!  Unlike previous challenges that I've participated in, I didn't carry the list with me to complete it, I've just gone back and found pictures I've taken this month that best fit the category.  This month had 20 words, and we were allowed to use whichever ones we wanted.   Mine involve lots of snow!

Wishing you all health, wealth and happiness in 2011! 

Holiday Lights

I love my bubble lights, but we just did a tiny tree this year, with no room for my lights.  So, I placed them around my handpainted angels on a wall shelf... I love the display! 

  Holiday Spirit
I love that moment, when they open their present and love it so much they just hold it out to show everyone, with a big smile on their face.  It is truly better to give than receive. 

  A Holiday Treat
We live in the Piedmont Triad of North Carolina, and snow is not very common.  It is even rarer to have a White Christmas... the last one in our area was in 1969!  It started snowing Christmas morning about 11am, and kept snowing until the next morning.  This holiday treat was an afternoon of sledding-- something my girls had never done before!  Here, my younger daughter gets a ride back up the hill by my older daughter.
 A Window Display
Taken at a flower shop on Main Street, downtown Kernersville, NC

  A Winter/Holiday Icon

This is the first year since the girls have been born that we've had enough snow to build a snowman!

  A Tree
Our town has an annual tree lighting, with caroling and hot cocoa and Krispy Kreme doughnuts (the first Krispy Kreme doughnuts were created a mere 15 minute drive away!)  And of course, Santa Claus rides in on a fire truck and flips the switch to light the tree for the season!  And we had snow!

  A Tradition

Lucky us!  The last Indie Market of the season coincided with the town's Festival of Lights, and the carolers parked themselves right in front of our tent! 

  Something Precious
Walking toward the playground together.
 Something Cold

  Something Red

  Motion blur
The Younger has just thrown a snowball at me

  Black&White Photo (with selective coloring)
My Mom always flies a flag that changes with the season... the US and NC flags fly constant.

  Any photo using an Infrared Photography Technique (in-camera OR post-process)

  A Macro Shot

As of this posting, the linky for those participating is not yet up.  Please check back so you can see the other participants in this month's challenge!


  1. I like the holiday treat, icon, and infrared photos.

  2. Great job! I absolutely LOVE your something cold shot! So cute!

  3. like the macro shot. My noel was b/c I could not think of anything

  4. Ilike your B&W Selective Coloring very much !!!!
    Also I like your motion blur, tree and holiday lights !!!!

    Greetings from Finland :)