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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Year's Resolution: Stay In Touch with a Postcard!

Make a New's Years Resolution to stay in touch with loved ones this year.  And send it by mail.  You remember how much fun it is to receive something in the mail... someone has taken the time to write to you!

It can feel overwhelming sometimes to write a letter, but it's fun to jot a quick something on the back of a postcard.  A joke, a thought, baby's newest words... take two minutes to write your postcard, drop it in the mailbox, and you will make someone's day!

I've got several postcard designs available in my zazzle shop!  All designs in my shop feature my photography. Here a few designs that you can order today, and the shipping is fast... usually in less than 24 hours!

Postcard Designs by Jessica Lewis at soulenergy
Miksch House Sign postcard
Miksch House Sign

Butterfly Bouquet postcard
Butterfly Bouquet

Traveling Geese postcard
Traveling Geese

Yellow Flower Soaking up the Sun postcard
Yellow Flower Soaking up the Sun

Passionate Pink Water Lily postcard
Passionate Pink Water Lily

Wachovia Center, Winston-Salem NC postcard
Wachovia Center, Winston-Salem NC

Private Residence postcard
Private Residence

Water Lily postcard
Water Lily

Blue Ridge Parkway, Elk Mountain Overlook postcard
Blue Ridge Parkway, Elk Mountain Overlook

More postcards featuring my photography available here.

You can also enter my shop here
soulenergy's Store at Zazzle

In addition to postcards, my photographs are available on durable, cloth eco tote bags, mugs, shirts , magnets, and more!

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