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Monday, December 27, 2010

Monday, Monday... Photo Challenges!

Food is not normally something that I take photos of... but it's been part of a couple of photo hunts, so I just happen to have a few shots of 
Food that You Love

They're almost making it too easy for us with these photo hunts... I think this is the third one my Grandma Overton's White Christmas Pie will be featured in.  If you love coconut, you can find the recipe here.   I'm not sure why we only have it at Thanksgiving and Christmas, it would definitely be yummy any time of year.

My two favorite pies in the whole world right here, folks.  White Christmas on the left, Cherry on the right.  I love to have one slice of each on the same plate, with a slight overlap.  Please forgive me, I'm starting to drool...

Enjoying the beauty of a snowy day...


I'm probably stretching it a bit, but my daughter is feeding her cousin out of a yellow plate!  I love this photo, it's my niece's first birthday, and my daughter, who's two, insisted on feeding her lunch.  And don't we all open our own mouth when directing the spoon?
Please be sure to click on the buttons to see everyone else's interpretations for the week!


  1. Thanx for linking up great photos.

  2. Yum on the first one! Your berry photo is what I hoped to catch one day,but missed the snow. Maybe next time. Nice photos.