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Friday, December 10, 2010

Continuing the Wire Wrapping Journey

Soooo... I've been working with wire lately.   Real wire.  Strong Wire.  Copper wire!

If you've been following me for a while, you've seen my beginning pieces.

I've gone from 28 gauge wire from the Art's and Craft's store to 18 gauge wire from the Hardware store.  (With a little bit of artistic wire from the discount store thrown in.)

And now I'm ready for some more feedback and advice, so throw it at me!

The first skill I learned in wire-wrapping was a simple wrap around a briolette.  Very pretty, very easy... and for me, just a little boring.  That type of wire wrap creates classic jewelry that I could wear anywhere, but I want to create something just a little different.

Many of you know that I've been raiding my daughter's rock collection.  She's collected some very beautiful stones, mostly granite and mica.  Leaving the stones raw, uncut and unpolished, I'm wrapping them in pure copper wire.  This is a more difficult technique, because I have to wrap in a way that the stone won't fall out!  The briolette is drilled, easy to attach to the wire.  With the natural stones, I must create a "cage".

These are two of my favorite pieces so far...

I've made bales on both, to be worn as a pendant.  Both of those were made with 20 gauge copper wire from the Arts and Crafts store.

These next items are my most recent creations, wrapped with 18 gauge copper wire from the hardware store.

As you can see, the second piece is really large.  I've worn it out, and despite it's size, it's comfortable and not too heavy.

I'm also shaping the wire... 18 gauge wire certainly isn't easy to work with, is it?  The only tools I have are wire cutters and needle nosed pliers.  I'd really like to try a jig, but other wire workers I've talked to don't think a jig is necessary.

Here's a piece that I think would make a pretty necklace.  It's about 4 inches across.

Here's a piece of wire that I've shaped into a bracelet.  It's a square bracelet (not by design, by accident!).  I do like the clasp that I've shaped out of a heart.

I've left just enough space in the loop of the heart to create a clasp.  As you know, I'm not a big fan of the clasp.  That's one reason why I love memory wire so much!

Last, I've formed the word "Love" with the copper wire.  I hammered it a little bit.  (I'm not sure why you hammer wire, is there a reason, or is it just aesthetically pleasing?)

If you're a wire officiando (and even if you're not) I'd love to hear your advice and tips on creating with wire.  What are your favorite resources, online tools, sources of inspiration?  I've discovered a few groups on Flickr that feature amazing pieces.  And of course, my friends in the Wire Wrapping for Beginners group on Etsypreneur are awesome!

Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

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  1. I love the "love" one! Is that for a necklace? they all look great but the last one is definitely my fave!