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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Reader's Idea: How to Cut Your Baby's Hair

The Startled Baby by KevinLahvic

Earlier this week, I asked for your help.  I had writer's block, and asked for suggestions on topics.  Anything, I said.  Didn't matter what it was, I would research and answer any question, explore any idea, learn a new skill and write a tutorial.  I just needed an idea, and I would go from there...

And thank you, Jaimee, for giving me two great (and totally random) topics to explore.  The first was "how to cut an infant's hair (without hurting or traumatizing anyone)", and that's what I'll start with.  I've found several step-by-step guides to making the first haircut stress free for both baby and parent, and I'll give you a couple of links here.

The first instructional site I found was on, and I love this one because it not only gives you six easy steps to follow, it also has a list of things you'll need and a list of Tips & Warnings.  You can link to that site here.

I found another article on DIYlife.  This article gives great advice in steps 5 and 6.  It explains that props (and probably a second person) are necessary, and also gives scissors strategies.  This article reminds you to start in the front, just in case the little one has a melt down before your finish... at least s/he will look great from the front!  That's something I probably wouldn't have thought of it the article hadn't reminded me!

If you're looking for an "OMG" moment, you can read about this mom who came home from work to find that her husband had cut their one-year-old daughter's curly golden hair!  Not just trimmed, cut!  What would your reaction be?  The comments on that article go back and forth.  Some readers agreed with the mom, some said the Dad had the right to cut the daughter's hair if he wanted to.  Hmmmm... I'm siding with the mom here!

If you don't have time to read these articles, you can watch this three minute video!

This next video shows more technique when cutting the hair.

How to Give a First Haircut to a Baby -- powered by

Thanks for the ideas, Jaimee!  I hope this helps you, and you're able to cut your child's hair with style and without stress!

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