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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pounce! Wednesday, October 13

Handpainted Doll Bench or Tabletop Shelf by ArdenaCat
Today's first Pounced shop is ArdenaCats Upcycled Creations, run by a Wife, Mother, Baker, Artist, and Designer from Suman Valley, Indiana.  ArdenaCat upcycles wood items and transforms them into useful things.  I love the bright, cheerful colors she uses in her work.

This set of child size chairs is really colorful and cute, too!  They are hand painted with non-toxic waterbased products, and are signed and dated.  She will also personalize them with your child's name!  

Funky Bright Child's Chairs by ArdenaCat

The next pounced artist is Gregory Ruvinsky,  and you really must read his profile. Obviously a man of superior talent, his work is amazing.  Mr. Ruvinsky uses rare and exotic woods, then decorates the pieces with silver and mammoth tusk using inlay and outlay techniques.

Charity Box Florence Synagogue by gru2000

The Charity Box above was made using exotic, rare, and expensive materials.  Truly a masterpiece, the piece has received world wide attention.  Another piece Mr. Ruvinsky has listed on Etsy is the Dreidel Domino, another stunning handmade piece created with solid silver, ebony, purple heart, and paumarillo woods.

Dreidel Domino by gru2000

Two talented artists, one worldwide marketplace.  Today's Pounce exemplifies why I truly love being a part of Etsy.     Whatever you're looking for, whoever created it, no matter what your budget, you are sure to find it.  In this marketplace, we all have the same opportunity for success.

All the best to these two artists ready for their first sale on Etsy!  Please take a moment to stop by their shop and show them some Etsy love!

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