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Monday, October 18, 2010

Pounce! Monday October 18

Icy Pop Treat Cozy by The Playful Table

 Happy Monday!  Today's first Pounce features The Playful Table,  where fun is handmade!  As a mom with two young girls, the Icy Pop Treat Cozy gives me a, "Huh!  Why didn't I think of that?" moment. The cozy keeps your kid's hands warm while they snack on freeze pops, pediatric electrolyte pops, and squeeze yogurt.  They are made of eco-fi felt from recycled  plastic bottles, and are machine or hand washable.  You can choose your color, and order in party packs!

Pocket Pillow by Playful Table
I also like their Pocket Pillow, the perfect place for your young person to put their lost tooth for the tooth fairy.  There's plenty of room for the treat that is left behind!  I always worry that the tooth is going to get "lost", and this solves that problem easily.  This item is also customizable to your color or theme preferences.

Bear Hand Puppet by Hotdogs and Catsup
Here's another fun item for the kids, from the shop Hotdogs and Catsup!    This cutie patooty pink bear hand puppet has such a delightful pattern, with the most adorable button eyes, a pocket up front, and a heart detail on the back.  Kids love hand puppets, and I can see this one becoming a real favorite! 

Hotdogs and Catsup also hand makes stuffed bears, cats, and dogs.  These are original, one of a kind animals that will get much love!  This Green Striped Dog is my favorite! 

Green Striped Dog by Hotdogs and Catsup
I love these two new shops, ready for their first sale!  All the best to both of them!

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