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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Digital Scavenger Hunt- October 2010

Whew!  I am the type of person that is never late for anything, and I was starting to worry about getting this month's scavenger hunt up in time!  Many thanks to Antonia of Lifting Me Up, who writes a fabulous blog that I really love to read, for sponsoring this scavenger hunt.

We were given a list of eight themes, which we could interpret in any way.   After you're done checking out my pictures, please take a moment to check out the other participants!  I always find the variety so interesting, considering we're all given the same words to work with. 

Here we go!


One of the parks we like to play at has this cool rock climbing playground made of concrete.


This electrical grid is almost art in itself.  It reminds me of the quote by Blaise Pascal "Symmetry is what we see at a glance."

My daughter, who's only six, already gets lost in books.  I love that we have instilled our love of reading in her.  (On an aside, she just peeked over my shoulder and saw that I'm using this photo for lost.  When I tried to explain the phrase "lost in books" she said that I should use that for confusion, instead, because she doesn't get it.☺)  This was the first time I found her asleep with the book covering her face, but it hasn't been the last!

I love this photo I captured of my daughter dancing.  The music was loud and she was twirling, twirling, twirling.  You can see the movement in her swinging curly hair, and she's having a great time!

The leaves, they are a' changin'.

This is the shy, quiet and serious younger daughter...  you know when you get a smile out of her, she really means it!

I understand the concept of the sundial, but I'm just so confused! There are fifteen "buttons" on this sundial.  People can really tell time off of these things?  It was approximately 2:10pm when this photo was taken...

Those that are regular readers of my blog have seen this sign before... I posted it a couple of weeks ago after our trip to the mountains.  The play on words really tickled me!

Hope you enjoyed my interpretations of these eight themes!  Please be sure to check out the other participants at their blogs! The Scavenger Hunts had to be posted by October 10, so if you don't see it today, please check back again tomorrow!

Photography by Hank Plumley
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  1. Hi there - a fgood selection of photos. I particularly like your ones for dance and energy.

    Best regards,

    Kent Today & Yeseterday

  2. I really like Energy... And am confused by the sundial as well. (But am too lazy to do research on it)

  3. Hi Jessica - thank you first of all for the very kind words about my blog! That brought a huge smile to my face. You rock! :)

    I love your photos - especially energy and funny. And your daughter's hair is AWESOME!


  4. I love the smile and dance pictures! Too cute! Good job on the Hunt =)

  5. I love energy, great composition and black and white conversion. The clouds are awesome and really contribute to the overall mood.

    It seems that our respective daughters were quite the source of inspiration for both of us :) I like lost a lot.

    As for the sundial, it really isn't complicated. Each "button" is an hour of the day. As the sun moves in the sky, so will the shadow on the sundial. Obviously there aren't 24 since you won't be seeing much shadow at night (the 9 missing buttons when the sundial is useless).

  6. Hi! I liked your photos =)
    "Lost" and "autumn" were two of my favorites. --"dance" was too cute!

  7. First of all, let me tell you what gorgeous daughters you have. I think they make beautiful models for your scavenger hunt. I love in particular your interpreation of lost. I thought it was cute to be buried among those books. All in all, you did a fantastic job! :)