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Monday, October 4, 2010

Pounce! Monday October 4

Quilted Ball Ornament by Creations by Angel
This week's Pounce Monday features a handmade quilted ball ornament by Creations by Angel, an artist in Portland, Oregon.  I love what she says in her profile: 
"I have been a creative and artistic person since I can remember. As a young girl I loved drawing and sketching and always seemed to have a crayon or colored pencil in my hand. Over the years my interests in creating have changed and diversified. I have gone from drawing, to stamping and paper crafting, to cross-stitching and knitting, and after college I began really focusing on working with fabric and making quilts. Needless to say it has been a match made in heaven ever since. Crafting and creating has always been very relaxing and was my outlet from my very demanding corporate sales career. After many years in the same industry I found myself successful but unhappy because I wasn't really following my dreams and passion. Now, thanks to a very supportive family and a great group of friends I have been able to finally follow my dreams and do what I really love."

She also includes a matching gift box, bow and gift tag with the purchase of the ornament!  This is a really cute item for the hearth or tucked into the corner of a bookshelf, adding a colorful Autumn flair.

Two-Sided Fall Harvest Mantle Runner by Creations by Angel
Speaking of the hearth, she's also got a Fall Harvest Mantle Runner available.  I love the soft, muted fall colors, and there's a surprise!  This is a two-sided runner, with a fun Halloween theme on the back!  Love it!

Fused Glass Ornament Fish by GerardotArtz
Next up is GerardotArtz, a mixed media artist from Fort Wayne, IN.  Her shop features colorful purses and paintings, but what first attracted me are her fused glass pieces!  I love this beautiful fish sun catcher! 

And her handbags are no less than amazing, especially when you learn that she designs and dyes the silk herself, then fuses it to the denim, strip piecing it to the component.  She then lines it and signs it, and she uses no pattern!  The bags are fun and colorful, one of a kind... and have a real personality.  Each bag is named, and I love that the artist refers to the handbag as "she". 

Miss Sensational Serena by GerardotArtz
All the best to these lifelong artists awaiting their first sale on Etsy.  Show them some love, ♥ their shop, I see great things ahead for both of them!

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