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Sunday, October 28, 2012

SOOC Sunday

I'm a sucker for manipulation, but there's something about a shot that's perfectly SOOC (Straight Out of the Camera).  Here are my best photos from this week, with nothing more done than a little cropping... maybe not even that!

An autumn sunset.  

What an amazing sight!  I wrote about it here (and in that post the photo was altered a bit for contrast), but this photo here is strictly SOOC.

Another photo that I've manipulated for other hunts, but even SOOC it's enough to make you take a double-take!

Linking up with  365: Straight Out Of theMurrieta Camera Sunday!  Stop by and look around!


  1. Wow! Your photos are really amazing (and I could look at that tree shadow every day -- really enjoyed it again). I can't believe those birds in the sign. wonderful.

  2. one of the best SOOC captures I've seen. That first image is divine.

  3. These are lovely shots! Those colors were amazing.