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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday: Oct.14, 2012

It's been so long since I've done a photo scavenger hunt!  I was so excited that I didn't realize until today that I've been working on last week's list! Because of that I can't link up, but I'll still post my pics and get to work on this week's list...

Care to join me?

Water Drops or Water Flowing
It rained the first day I began working on the list.  These are the wind chimes outside my entry door.

A little odd for Faithfulness, I'll agree. But these little birdies are here each morning, faithfully greeting the people entering and leaving the shopping center of which this sign marks.  This is a big sign, and the birds sit way up.  I wonder how many people have even noticed them?

Then and Now
Again, I'm taking a little bit of liberty with the topic.  This image captures the BB&T Financial center on the left, and 100 North Main Street (formerly the Wachovia center, now also known as the Wells Fargo Center). Both BB&T and Wachovia banks were founded in Winston-Salem, NC and their roots run strong.  BB&T was founded in 1872, and Wachovia in 1879. 

Taken from my archives, I think this is before she realized how to make a ♥ with her hands.

One Item from the Fall Bucket List: Bake Cookies
We spent Sunday afternoon baking, frosting and sprinkling sugar cookies.  Yum!

See you on Sunday!

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