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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday, Oct.21, 2012

Having been without a camera for waaaaay too long, I am so happy to be back!  
Most of you will understand,  
Without a camera, I felt as if I was living with one lung. 
 I'm back up to the proper number of lungs, and with that we'll proceed straight to 

Orange or Pink
These gourds, carved to look like jack 0'lanterns, are handcrafted by Gourd O' Lanterns of Walkertown by Hersch and Carol.  If you live in the Piedmont Triad and are interested, learn where to find them here.

Faceless Portrait
My older daughter is a tree climber.  Fanatically so.  A main reason we bought this house was because it has good climbing trees.  As a matter of fact, during our search for a house, we would drive to one first, and if it didn't have good climbing trees we wouldn't even ask to see the inside. 
 "Climber" is a good definition of who she is at age 8.  

View From the Top

These mushrooms are growing rampantly through a good part of my front yard.  This is them from the top ^  They're growing through the needles that are rapidly dropping from the pine tree.  There are also lots of typically shaped mushroom, with the wide, flat top.  Should I be worried that my front yard is full of mushrooms?  
If they need to go, what's the best way to get rid of them?

To avoid having her hair combed after her bath, my youngest ran off.  
Must have been cozy under there!

The stacked business cards of a vendor at a Fall Festival I attended yesterday.  I love her organic t-shirt supporting Indie entrepreneurs!  

Did you participate in the scavenger hunt?  
Please leave a comment along with a link to your page and I'll be sure to stop by!  
I love to see the interpretations... sometimes I feel as I'm stretching it with my interpretation, but that's all a part of the game, isn't it?


  1. stretching the interpretations is part of the game. love the way your daughter snuck under her bed. remember being little enough to do that? great photos this week.

  2. I enjoyed seeing what you found on your hunt this week. I LOVE the orange shot. But your cozy has me smiling also.

  3. "cozy" made me laugh. that's something my kids do. It's always funny to find them in such places.