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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Today we celebrate my favorite youngest daughter's second birthday... and as we made our way down the steps we saw... a butterfly? That's what I thought at first, but this was truly the biggest "butterfly" I had ever seen! Look at the size in comparison to the bricks. It's wingspan was four, five, maybe six inches! It's body was thick, yet it's wings were very thin and delicate. Like tissue paper, it seemed, and gently swaying in the very light breeze. And it seemed fearless... it stayed right where it was as I took picture after picture, and stayed still as my now-two-year-old went to reach for it. I think it may be a moth, maybe someone out there in cyberworld can identify it for me? Whatever it was, it sure held our attention!

We continued to the park, where I wanted to take some photos. It's just amazing to me how fast my girls are growing! My older daughter, E, will be six one month from today. And M, my younger daughter is two today. After the park, she picked out mini cupcakes for dessert. As you see, she was crowned a Princess for her birthday. Lucky girls, they have both been crowned Princess by the age of two! Lucky Mama, I have got two amazing girls.

And I have got Soul Energy.

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  1. This is an Imperial Moth, they are very cool animals/insects, I love moths, they were second for me right behind reptiles, I should have went to school to be a bugg-olo-gist. My other two favorite moths are the Rosy Maple Moth and the Luna Moth, NC's got some pretty bugs.

    Thanks, Barton, friend of a friend, who was able to identify this moth for me!