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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Welcoming Front Door? Or Way Off Base?

Sherwin-Williams has a very cool color visualizer!  You can upload your own photo, and try on different paint colors right away.  As you saw in the previous article, I'm thinking about the front door.  No, I don't think these are the "perfect" colors (although there is potential).

Now.  Mint Green.  Gotta Go.

I likey.  I like the door color and the surround.  Not so much the interior trim I selected.  I see possibilities here.

Oh yes, I really like this too.  Very different.  But just about right.  And my older daughter would very much like this pink front door!
The man of the house may have just over ruled the pink door.  We may agree on this.  Or maybe not. 

On the right track?  Or completely off base?  What do you think?

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