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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Stumbling into a Project 365: wisely chosen

Don't you hate it when a good blog post goes bad?  Here was I was, about to show you a super awesome photo that made me smile, and it turns out in the end that the photographer doesn't want it to be shared.  Hey, isn't the internet free game?  No, it's not, and I'll respect that the "star" and photographer of this series doesn't want it shared in certain ways.  But... it is cool enough for you to check out through the links!


Do you Stumble?  I discovered Stumbling at the beginning of my journey through the Internet, and still love the unexpected sites that I "stumble" into.

I thought this was was interesting enough to share!  I stumbled into Day 160 of 365.  I love 365's, and would be smack dab in the middle of my first if I hadn't stopped in Month 3.  The colorful, braided hair in this photo is so cheerful and refreshing! 

Photo Removed because She Clearly States in her  Obligatory Autobiographical Blurb that She Doesn't want Anyone Using Them

The braid makes me smile and want to learn more about the face in front.  wisely-chosen's flickr photostream sends me into wonder and awe.  Who is this beautiful, creative, and unafraid Woman with the courage to photograph herself 365 days in a row?  I can make guesses about her life but don't even know in what part of the World she lives? 

It is also very worthwhile to twirl through her Cooliris.

Creative, expressive, colorful and strong.  What four words would you use to describe wisely-chosen?


Afternote:  The Internet can make you quite the voyeur.  I did, of course, want to know a little more.  After a quick Google search of wisely-chosen, I clicked into her blog. (I say "clicked" because her blog is rated Mature and I had to acknowledge that to gain entry.)  Not so much the free spirit I envisioned, more the thoughtful artist/creative type.

Anyway, I hope she's not pissed off that I delved into her personal (how personal can it be on the Internet?) 365 journey, and then shared it again to another million or so viewers.  I am so attracted to the artistic side of her year that I feel it's worth sharing!

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