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Monday, June 27, 2011

Pursuit of My Dream House

I'm about to share something a little upclose and personal!  For the last two months, I have been lusting after a house I want to buy.  I am just "driving through the neighborhood" at least 3-4 times a week to make sure "our house" is still for sale.  It's been on the market for nearly a year, but I only just discovered a couple of months ago that it was for sale.  Since that day I have dreamed about it, planned for and wished big for the house I'd like to grow old in. 

Realistically, this house could sell before I'm financially ready to purchase.  And there are "landscaping issues" that would be expensive to remedy and makes it basically unfinancable and uninsurable.  It shouldn't even be on my radar, but it seems to be the bullseye.

I can't explain the pull towards "my" house, although I can tell you that I do sort of feel a history to the house from our short cut to gymnastics two years ago.  It always brought a smile to my face when I passed it, and I was decorating it for Christmas long before I ever saw the inside.  I don't feel I'm chasing the house... I feel like I'm being led.

All that having been said, I feel it's important to "share with the Universe" my hopes for this house, because I'd like all of the positive energy to come my way! 


Easter weekend I was driving through the neighborhood, and by Tuesday I had called a Realtor to show me the house.  I had to either see the inside and know that I hated it... or know that I loved it and wanted to pursue it.  And of course I loved it.  It's a house that raised one family, with plenty of space for  mine.  It's got a big fenced in backyard.  An outdoor brick barbeque like my Grandpa had.  And an inground swimming pool that has trees growing inside it.  It's also sort of  "the best house in the worst neighborhood", and although it's not really the worst neighborhood, the majority of the other houses are worth about $30,000 less than the house I want to buy.

I'm going to copy and paste the letter I'm going to present with my offer and I'd like to see what you think!  I wrote this letter the night after I viewed the house with the Realtor.  I've actually spoken to one of the owners, and know that it is owned by three sisters and their brother.    I met the owner on one of my "drive throughs"  and stopped and told her my story.  We talked for over an hour, and I learned that this house started out as a two-room house built by their parents in 1948, and was expanded to the sprawling brick with a garage and basement... and the pool, of course.  The owner told me about the parties her and her siblings had growing up, and I was surprised she didn't remember the tiny toddlers feet inlaid into the door of the smallest bedroom.

Do you think it's possible for me to have "love at first sight" with a house?  Do you think you, as an owner, would respond in a positive way if you received a letter like this?  Send your Blessings and positive energy!

 To the C______ Family,

My daughter took gymnastics class at C_______ Twisters a couple of years ago, and we would always take A____ Street towards B_________ as a short cut. I remember seeing your mother's house as we passed, and I always loved driving by her house and yard. I was especially attracted to the Wishing Well in the front yard and would smile as I passed by.

I recently was driving through the neighborhood looking for a rental, and noticed that your mother's house is for sale. I've been thinking about it nonstop, and last night when I was talking to my daughters about it, my older daughter said, "Mommy, you really want to live there, don't you?"

And of course I do. I saw a couple of photos online and fell in love with the built-ins and basement, and it has a good backyard for my two girls, ages 6 and 2. I was decorating your house for Christmas before I had ever seen the inside.

I met the neighbors today, Mr. and Mrs. S____, and I know that your parents built the house in 1948. I can tell that it was a good family home for you, and I can see myself building a good home for my family, as well. I love all of the touches in the home. My girls have already found the hidden passage. The cut-out of the little feet on one of the bedrooms is wonderful. The woodwork throughout the home is amazing. And I can't tell you how much I will love the beautiful yard and gardens.

Of course if you'd like, Lily could continue to live there. She seems like a sweet dog and I know she would love to stay in her own space.

As much as I love the house, I can't pay more than $__,000 for it. Even at $__,000 it will be one of the highest priced homes on A____ Street. The swimming pool is unsafe for my daughters. It would be much too costly to repair right now, so I will have to fill it in. Also, the driveway will need to be repaired. I'll need to purchase a stove. I'm assuming that there are plumbing issues because it's not been signed off by the owners.

I would actually be a first-time home buyer, and not sure I could qualify for a mortgage much higher than my offer. I was not really in the market to purchase a house, but your Mother's home is calling to me, and it is a place I where I can see myself growing old.

Thank you for your consideration.
What do you think?  Send me good vibes!

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